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His first album is Hard-Sai Sai-Lom Song-Rao (Beach, Wind, and two of us) (1986) and then the album is Sabai-Sabai (easy-easy)(1987) it is well known in many countries. Bird Thongchai has 17 single albums and many special albums. The latest Album is Bird Mini marathon in 2018. Bird made his international tour “BIRD THONGCHAI MCINTYRE LIVE IN U.S.A” in the year 2010.

Thongchai McIntyre ( Albert McIntyre) is a Thai singer and actor. He is also known as Bird Thongchai or Phi Bird (it mean elder brother Bird).
Considered to be Thailand’s No.1 superstar, he is one of the most successful singers in Thailand’s history, having sold more than 25 million albums. He is best known for his string (Thai pop). He has also acted in numerous films, on television, in musicals, and in commercials.

In addition, He got MTV Asian Viewer’s Choice in 1991, Billboard Viewer’s Choice Award first in Asia in 1996, MTV Asia Awards: The Inspiration Award (2006) Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards: The Popular Artist (2006), and many awards.


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